Buying a Zorbing Ball

So you decided you want to get yourself a Zorbing Ball. That is great! There are a quite a few producers of zorbs around. However, what differentiates them is quality and pricing.

This section lists the types of zorbing balls available, with a selection of the very best offers out there. So if you are keen on getting a good Zorbing Ball, this is the way to go!

Buy a Zorbing Ball


The Bubble Ball

Bubble BallThis Ball is used in activities such as bubble soccer/football, bubble ball sumo, or body zorbing. The Bubble Ball is amazingly fun, and before you take another step you should most definitely check out what it’s like to spend a day inside a bubble ball. It can be used in sports such as Zorb Football.  You can also go free running. The activity involves sliding a bumper ball over your head and letting go. The ball is fit for both children and adults, and is equipped with inner harnesses and handles so that the person is well secured inside.

Get your own Bubble ball now and let the fun begin !

Price varies around the range $130-$160, but you can just check it out below:

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Water Walking Ball

water ballThe name is pretty self-explanatory. This inflatable ball simply allows you to walk on water. The ball is a 2 meter diameter inflatable sphere equipped with a sealing zipper. A child or adult easily fit inside and go running, walking on water or tumbling around on the water surface without getting wet. This is extremely fun! The ball can be used in an inflatable pool or field, at the beach, lake and so on. Children must be supervised by adults when doing the activity and no more than 15 minutes of water walking should be done at once (the air inside has a limited supply). We personally tried this activity in a local theme park and we can definitely say that water walking is an extremely unique and fun experience!

Get your own ball now and go run on water !

Price varies around $250. Check it out on



Zorbing Ball

Zorbing BallThe Zorbing Ball is used in activities such as Downhill Zorbing, Snow Rolling, Water Walking or simply rolling or racing on a level area. The Zorb Ball can be used by adults or children alike. Some balls come equipped with inner harnesses for securing the persons inside. Others can let you tumble around freely while the ball rolls on. The latter can be filled with some water in order to let you slide around inside freely while the ball rolls down the slope.

Get your own Zorbing Ball and let the good times roll !

Price varies around $1000-$1300. It’s best to check it out:

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Inflatable Cylinder

Zorbing CylinderAlso known as the inflatable water wheel, this is used mainly for zorbing on water or for rolling on a level area. It is not designed for slopes. The activity consists in fitting both adults or kids in the inflatable cylinder and allowing them to roll on water or other surfaces. One can walk, run or just climb up and jump in the water for fun.

Get your own Water Walking Cylinder and let the rolling start !

Price varies around $600. Check it out below:

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Electric Air Pump

Zorbing Ball Air Pump ImageIn order to inflate any of these big sized Human Hamster Balls, an electric Air Pump should be used. Trying to inflate them manually would take forever. And the best pumps are the ones that you can use both indoor (plugs in household outlet) AND outdoor (plugs into the car cigarette lighter).

In case you do not already own such a pump, you can find a really good one on Amazon:

Price: around $34.99. Check it out below:

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GBOP (Great Big Outdoor Playball)

Zorbing Ball GBOP ImageThese are a different variety of inflatable bubble balls. They are designed for children only. The kids can get inside and roll around, run with them  or race them. They can be used in solo or group play. They are not meant for hill rolling, but rather for level areas. To ensure long lasting playtime, the GBOP should be used on a smooth area.

Get your own GBOP here:

Price: around $89. Check it out:

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Buddy Bounce

Zorbing Ball Buddy Bounce ImageAnother type of inflatable bubble ball. Perfect for kids Birthday parties or get togethers. They are designed for all ages and can be used for fun activities such as bubble sumo wrestling.

Get your own Buddy Bounce and let the bumping and jumping party start !

Price: usually around $49.99. Check it out:

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