Water Zorbing – You CAN Walk On Water

Water Zorbing
Water Zorbing in a Theme Park

Water Zorbing is also known as Aquazorbing or Water Walking. It is a seriously fun activity that is very popular and suitable for all ages, regardless of the individual’s physical ability. This form of “sport” involves you simply walking on the water surface. This is done while being in a Water Zorbing Ball or in a Human Hamster Ball. One can run inside, or walk or flip on the surface of the water without getting wet. The activity mainly takes place in locations such as: marinas, pools,  different theme parks, or sometimes even inside Malls. In addition to this one can do this on lakes, sea or ocean surfaces or even at home, if you have a pool.

Types of Water Walking Balls

More types of inflatable balls can be used. One is the dual layered classical Zorb Ball that is also used for downhill rolling (see here). Another is the single layer Water Ball made of PVC material or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). The latter is specially designed only for water walking.  The enjoyment is similar in both cases, but the standard Water Ball is more widespread in theme parks and pools due to its more compact size, and is also cheaper.

In addition to these spheric balls there is another approach to walking on water. It involves a Zorbing Cylinder. The inflatable cylinder is similar in structure to the Zorb. It has two layers of plastic. In between there is an air cushion. Two people can fit easily inside and roll around the water surface for fun.

Besides running on water by yourself, you could also go water zorbing by being dragged on water by a boat or jet ski. It’s awesome!

Water Zorbing
Water Zorbing Using a Jet Ski

We must note here that there has to be a distinction made between water-zorbing and aquazorbing. These are two completely different things. The first refers to traveling on water inside the giant inflatable ball. The latter defines a special type of downhill zorbing, where water is being poured inside the inner sphere, so that while the giant ball travels down a slope, you get to roll around freely inside. So that is a totally different cup of tea.

Extreme Water Zorbing

Early 2016, UK TV Presenter Lindsey Russell took water walking a step further. She set off on a daring attempt to cross the whole Irish Sea in a ZorbBall, a feat never before tried.

Water Walking Experience

We’ve recently had the opportunity to go water walking in an Aqua Park near my home town. We must say the experience was fantastic. It took some getting used to. But when we got the hang of it we enjoyed it a lot. It was a strange feeling of rolling around on water or lying down and feeling the water’s coolness but not actually getting wet. And since the sphere itself was transparent we had a very surreal feeling of actually stepping on water. I remember people from the sides were watching and having fun too. We must have looked pretty clumsy at start. In the end it was real fun and we will definitely do that again this summer.

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