Zorbing Real Story

Zorbing, The Real Story

In the past few years zorbing has rapidly gained popularity all over the world. A lot of people had a blast rolling down hills in these giant inflatable balls called […]

Zorbing Records

Zorbing World Records

Ever since its creation back in the 1970s, zorbing has slowly grown in popularity all over the world. Nowadays thousands of people of all ages enjoy various forms of zorbing, […]

zorbing safety

Zorbing Safety

As you probably already know, zorbing is a highly dynamic extreme sport. And as any other extreme sports out there, one of the main concerns that should take priority is […]

zorbing locations in the USA

Zorbing Locations In The USA

Do you know the top zorbing locations in the USA? Zorbing, also known as orbing, sphering and globe-riding, is one of the coolest outdoor sports. Invented in New Zealand, the […]

Top zorbing locations in the UK

Top Zorbing Locations In The UK

Finding the top zorbing locations in the UK proved to be quite challenging. This is because there are quite a lot of world-class locations that offer various zorbing activities all […]

zorbing locations in Europe

Top Zorbing Destinations In Europe

Have you ever wondered what the top zorbing locations in Europe are? Although it all started in New Zealand, zorbing (also known as sphering) is gaining popularity all over the […]

zorbing accident

Zorbing Accidents

Zorbing has been around since the early 1970s. Ever since its creation and up to the present, the activity gained more and more popularity all over the globe. Nowadays thousands […]

zorbing in canada

Zorbing In Canada

The zorbing craze started way back with the birth of the first plastic human hamster balls back in the 70s and 80s. It caught on strong in the year 2004 […]

Zorbing In Rotorua New Zeeland

Zorbing In Rotorua, New Zealand

One cannot speak of top zorbing locations and not think of Rotorua, New Zealand. It is, after all, the birthplace of the trademark Zorb.  According to the general consensus, New […]

Zorbing On The Gold Coast In Australia

Zorbing In Australia On The Gold Coast

Ever wondered what it’s like for a hamster inside a hamster ball? Well, now you can try it yourself by going zorbing in Australia. Human hamster balls were invented back […]